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Marketing communication when you are alone
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Marketing communication through digital technologies

Digital technologies for marketing The role of a web pageClick to read  
Engaging potential clients through digital technologies

Social MediaClick to read  
Netiquette and online marketing communication (Social media policies)

NetiquetteClick to read  
Social media policiesClick to read  
Manage one’s digital identity and reputation

Our reputationClick to read  

Marketing, digital technologies, website, social media, netiquette


In this course we will introduce the concept of ‘marketing communication’ and specifically ‘digital marketing’. We will learn how digital technologies can help us reach our target through internet and how to use social media for our business benefits.


This course gives the basics about marketing communication and some digital technologies designed to improve our marketing strategies. We present them and explain how to apply them to our business. Likewise, we give a brief description of some social networks that would increase our dissemination. We devote a section to ‘netiquette’, a special issue to take into account nowadays when we interact online. We also consider important to keep a good reputation of ourselves and we give some tips for it.